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Reflections Incoming

Despite the challenges that 2020 has presented, teachers ad students alike have pushed on to try and keep a sense of regularity and continuity. All of our GOMI teachers have engaged their students in different projects that have gotten them outside and asked them to engage their curiosity towards the world. Even as their semester has been interrupted by local COVID outbreaks and technological nightmares, teachers have worked hard to provide their students with meaningful experiences that will awaken in them a spirit of stewardship.

In the Keeping it Green Course at Lowell Middlesex Academy, Mrs. Chen and Mr. Donovan have focused on teaching their students about biodiversity in the city. They have taken their students outside, had them used plant and animal identification apps, and asked them to observe and relate to the nature they could find within an urban context. Now, as their semester draws to a close, some students from the KIG course share some of their short reflections with us. These reflections will be posted in individual blog posts, and serve as a way for students to share their stories with the public and with each other. Stay tuned to see what the KIG students did!

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