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  • Anais Andujar

Gardening in Keeping it Green

Hello, my name is Anais. I am a student at Lowell Middlesex Academy Charter School and I'm going to be writing about gardening in Keeping it Green.

Gardening in class has been a very fun experience. I planted three seed pods. Celery, scallions, and lettuce. One sage plant and a spider plant. We learned how to germinate seeds, plant seed pods, observe plant growth, document in our journals, and show love to our plants. We germinated the seeds in class together, by wrapping the seeds in wet paper towels. We then placed them in gloves and let them sit for a few weeks.

When I checked them to see if they were ready, they looked so cool. They went from small seeds to long yellow seeds. The main challenge I faced while indoor gardening was definitely my playful cat. In the middle of the night, I suddenly heard my plant pots fall on the floor. Then I looked and saw him eating my spider plant. I had to get a whole new spider plant. Keeping it Green taught me the benefits of indoor gardening. From my research, indoor plants help reduce stress levels, gardening can be therapeutic, and plants improve air quality by reducing pollution. The Gulf of Maine Institute has impacted our studies by allowing students to understand the nature of science by engaging in hands-on learning.

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Dec 10, 2020

Anais, I like the way you write about getting something to grow indoors. I've never had any luck doing this. I'm glad you did.

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