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Since 2015, GOMI’s primary focus has been our CBS Pilot/Adopter Site program.  Each site has teachers, students, conservationists, scientists and other stakeholders throughout the Gulf of Maine collaborating to address climate issues in their communities. K-12 and university level teachers, with the support of their institutions and community partners, design and teach a Gulf of Maine Studies Course in their classrooms, emphasizing science literacy and experiential education.

Our pilot site, at Kennebunk High School, MA has been an award-winning success. The Gulf of Maine Council on the Marine Environment honored our Kennebunkport teachers and site partners with their prestigious Visionary Award in 2019.

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Each site heads its own project, relevant to its specific ecosystems and community partners. Classes partner with university courses to conduct research in the field, lead their own research projects with input from the community, or learn about the intersections of science and stewardship through hands-on projects and data management. 

To learn more about some of our partners across different sites.

We currently have four active CBS Adopter Sites, each promoting local environmental activism as well as Gulf-wide collaboration.

Kennebunkport, ME
Newburyport, MA
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