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Merrimack River Student Calls to Action

This term, students from the Keeping it Green class at Lowell Middlesex Academy Charter School has to engage with an environmental issue relevant to them locally. Students had to conduct research and create calls to action to share with the community. Calls to action are things people can do to address a problem. Check out some of the student's work below.

LMACS student Haley Francis notes:

" The problem at hand I wish to focus on is the cleanliness of the Merrimack River. Everyone who lives near this river has most likely seen the pollutants or questionable things in the water. Although people see it everywhere, only a few are actually doing something about. So not only the problem is the river, it's also the people around it. People think that “oh that person will take care of it”. That right there is the problem, forking over responsibility to the next. If you see something that doesn't belong, pick it up. More impactful ways of helping the river are community services and people who have deep connections with the river in any way can come together and actually make an impact. The river is not only just there to be there, it holds a collection of diversity and also used as sustenance of ecosystems surrounding the river. If this is put out of balance then it will no doubt collapse ecosystems. Recycling, reusing, and using things biodegradable are important ways of helping the river. ANYTHING thrown on the ground will 95% end up in the river if not picked up by someone. In conclusion, strong groups of people working together to help the river and also individual routines and habits can restore the river back to its true glory. "

Bruce's Informational Poster

Bruce's Call to Action

Abigail Christen's poster

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