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  • Haley Francis

Cat Plant Destruction

In our LMACS science class, Keeping It Green with Ms. Chen and Mr. Donovan, we have been learning many things about local ecosystems along with the life that dwells within them. One thing we focused on that sparked my interest is indoor gardening. When people think of gardening most think of doing it outside, but gardening is not just outside. My teachers gave me small coconut fiber grow pots and cucumber seeds. Following the instructions, I planted them. After a few days I saw no progress. I almost gave up. Then in an effort to keep my cucumber seeds alive I decided to switch them to a larger pot. This changed the progress drastically. The plant began to grow at a rapid pace. Everyday the plant looks larger than the last. It was all fun until my cats noticed the plants begin to flourish. My main challenge was definitely the cats. No matter what they didn't want me to grow my cucumber. They ripped the poor thing to shreds. One thing that I've learned from this experience is that keeping a plant is hard, and delicate work. It has also taught me patience and how it feels to be prideful in your own hard work. If you wish to start an indoor garden, which I encourage, the first thing you must know is to keep it out of reach of animals. Animals are naturally attracted to greenery. Also, taking good care of your plant is important too. Always have patience and don't be frustrated when things don't work out the way you want.

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10 de dez. de 2020

You give us 2 lessons here: how to get plants started, and how to keep them safe from critters. Thanks.

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