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River Valley Charter School

As a developing site, the River Valley Charter School counts on Ellen Link to lead an outdoor classroom/field experience for 6th grade students. Because of COVID-19, classes at the site are conducted in an outdoor classroom at Plum Island's Parker River National Wildlife Refuge.Here, students are doing a "survey" of projects including analysis of marine debris, eelgrass restoration, studies of phenology and invasive species, and a study of American eels. Throughout the course, students will engage in interviews and work towards producing physical deliverables for the refuge, other students, parents and community stakeholders.

IMG_2985 - Ellen Link.jpg

Core topics

-Coastal ecology


-Citizen science

-Nature connection

-Invasive species


-Parker River National Wildlife Refuge

-Massachusetts Audubon

- Great Marsh Partnership

-Other area schools


-Eelgrass restoration

- Community interviews

Educational Materials

Coming soon!

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