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Imagine the Future with Xiye Bastida

How can we work towards something we can't imagine? We currently live in a world with so many threats to our health, environment, and liberties that it's hard to look past the grief it brings. When we rise up for something better, are we just denouncing what is bad, or are we imagining what the future can look like? We know what the problems are, but what are the solutions?

Climate change action requires us to think creatively and to break free of our current systems. Our society is based on individualism and consumerism, and our heroes often individuals with great feats under their belts. What do you think would change if she shifted that model? If we imagined a world of cooperation and community, circular economies where waste is transformed instead of disposed, and people and the planet are cared for in the way they deserve?

Xiye Bastida, a Mexican-Chilean climate activist currently based in NYC, gives us a look into what that future can look like. In her vision, not only are we able to build communities that run on renewable energy but we respect and open space for the voices of people who have historically been marginalized. Xiye Bastida is a voice for indigenous communities, for youth, and for the future we need.

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