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Student Forum Introduction

Student Forum: Introduction The journal is pleased to publish a rich edition of the Student Forum in this issue. The Forum includes two very different types of youth submissions: research project reports and poetry. Presented as case studies, four research reports are the final projects of students from Kennebunk High School who are participating in our Kennebunk HS/University of New England (UNE) pilot site initiative, “Bringing Community-Based Stewardship to the Gulf.” The course design represents a collaboration between Dr. Pam Morgan, Professor in Environmental Studies at UNE, Leia Lowery, Educational Director at Kennebunkport Conservation Trust (KCT), Melissa Luetje, Science Teacher at Kennebunk HS, and GOMI staff. Ms. Luetje, with assistance from Ms. Lowery, taught the high school version of the course while Dr. Morgan taught a similar course at UNE. We will publish more about Dr. Morgan’s work in the next issue along with several other projects resulting from Ms. Luetje’s course. Two other submissions are poems authored by three Newburyport High School (MA) students. These poems were selected to be read, by the authors, at the 2019 Newburyport Green Expo, a community event that fosters discussion about climate change and its impacts, and explores possible solutions. Our youthful poets and scientists declare in their works a passion, capacity for action, and sincere concern for their bioregion and planet.

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