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  • Emma Keith

Dead Earth

Close your eyes

Because I want you to realize what’s happened

Interpret what will become

So close your eyes

Feel the ocean 

The lack of commotion

Waves rocking you 

I bet you’re not even thinking of the harsh reality stalking you.

Now open your eyes

The mellow sun tanning you 

The air fanning you….. 

You’re still happy but….

But these activities- they’re banning you from a life-long lived 

Thinking any differently, well honey…

That's just a fib.

We might as well wrap this world in yellow caution tape

Because those holes in our ozone layer… they gape

Someone hand me a shroud to drape over this earth 

Because it's as dead as dead

Dead as taking a bullet to the head 

Now her grave stone 

Plastic made stone 

Rest in peace mother nature

Our legislature has failed us.

god bless her soul

Wherever she is

Up there in that 

Co2 abyss…


My name is Emma Keith and I’m a sophomore at Newburyport High school. I am passionate about the environment, and I love writing poetry. I enjoy going to environmental club and participating in events that promote student activism like the green expo and the most recent climate change rally in Boston.

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