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  • Bailey Fogel

GOMI Summer Academy

My name is Bailey Fogel and I am currently a senior at Newburyport High School. I have been a member of the Newburyport Gulf of Maine Institute Team for the past four years. The following video shows the 2018 Summer Academy from the perspective of a GOMI student. Throughout the four-day long Academy, my peers and I were engaged in real world lessons, many of which cannot be learned in traditional classrooms. The video is a compilation of our four-day journey and our interactions with other GOMI members. It was incredible to be surrounded by so many insightful and dedicated stewards of the earth.

The video’s introduction captures the outlook students have gained by becoming a part of GOMI. Although I was not interviewed because I was behind the camera, I felt deeply connected to the impact GOMI has had on my peers. Without this experience, I truly would be in a large pool of seniors, unsure about my future pursuits upon leaving high school.

The GOMI Summer Academy unraveled a passion in all of us. Our world opened up in ways we never thought possible, but even more importantly, we feel prepared to move forward with an educated outlook on environmental issues.


Bailey Fogel is a senior at Newburyport High School and a long time GOMI team member.

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