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Ode to Two Mothers

We each have two mothers, One, Earth Mother of Origin, she's primordial

and Two, mother maternal, she's biological

They do not know each other, at least not in any personal way

Yet without them we could not celebrate today

One’s whistling winds, swirling waters and fertile earth formed the moment for human birth Her womb, genesis of endless and curiously, diverse children

to whom we are by mystery brethren

Two’s ovaries warm and moist once nurtured you and I

’til Time called “ You gotta' leave. Say goodbye.”

Beyond that natal cradle, maternal mother Two nursed, caressed, dressed and yes coerced

When Mother Two’s time is gone Mother One still carries on

To renews this Earth for those unborn

Be reminded, as she does, if we did not have One there be no you since there was no mother Two

So, I think, today as we honor Two we need to say to One

“Dear Mother One we love you too.”

And as we honor both today let’s ask “How about tomorrow?

Ought our love include the days that follow?”

What we can return love to One and Two, each of us in our way

And not just for this special today.

Mother’s Day 2020

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