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Board Of Directors

John P. Terry


John P. Terry, founded the Gulf of Maine Institute in 1999.  John was Editor-in-Chief, CYD (Community Youth Development) Journal from Aug. 1994 to Nov. 2002. John has broad teaching and administrative experience at the university level including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1969-1984, University of Massachusetts, Lowell, 1985-1992, and Union College, Schenectady, NY, 1964-1969. John received national recognition in 2006 when selected  as Civic Ventures,’ Lead with Experience Program 2006 Purpose Prize Fellows.  He is also a 2008 recipient of the Gulf of Maine Council on the Marine Environment Visionary Award.

Anne Giblin


Anne Giblin is a senior scientist at the Ecosystems Center Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, Massachusetts. Anne’s major research interest has been on the cycling of elements in the environment. Current projects include an assessment of how climate change and sea level rise will impact salt marshes; how increased nitrogen inputs and hydrologic disturbances alters nitrogen cycling in estuaries; and how pathways of nitrogen and phosphorus cycling change with warming in arctic lakes. Anne is committed to bringing science to youth and youth to science as means of promoting good science, citizenship and stewardship.

Tim Conway


Secretary, Timothy M. Conway has over 30 years experience in environmental protection, working on negotiating and enforcing environmental solutions. He and his wife have had three children in the Newburyport Public Schools.  Tim is very active in local community affairs.

Graham Daborn

Professor Emeritus at Acadia University, Wolfville, NS

Graham Daborn is Professor Emeritus at Acadia University. He received his BA in English and Biology from the University of Keele (UK), and MSC and PhD degrees in Zoology from the University of Alberta. He was Professor of Biology at Acadia from 1973 to 2004, the Founding Director of the Acadia Centre for Estuarine Research (1984- 2004), and Founding Director of the Arthur Irving Academy for the Environment (2004-2007). At Acadia, he taught courses in ecology, limnology, estuarine biology, and introductory biology. His research has dealt with the ecology of the Bay of Fundy with particular respect to the environmental implications of tidal power. He has been a member of the Experts Committee on Marine Renewable Energy for the International Energy Agency, a volunteer member of the Environmental Monitoring Advisory Committee (EMAC) for the Fundy Ocean Research Centre (FORCE) since its establishment in 2009, and a member of the Research Advisory Committee for the Offshore Energy Research Association (OERA). 

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Shari Melto

Organizational Development

Shari Melto spent more than 20 years with global consulting firms in the fields of talent management and organization development. She was Director of Learning & Development at McKinsey, and Director of Staffing & Recruiting at both Booz and Hewitt.  With the support of a MacArthur grant, she partnered with Arts Boards in Chicago to strengthen their organizations.  Shari believes that we have a moral obligation to ensure a healthy, sustainable future for our children and our earth -- and working with GOMI provides a unique opportunity to do both.

John Halloran

Science Director

John Halloran is GOMI's Science Director and oversees the science curriculum development of all projects and workshop trainings with Dr. John Terry.  A retired form the Newburyport MA school department, here he  taught natural science as well as an Outward Bound and Project Adventure trainer, John is the founder and director of Adventure Learning, an educational outreach program with area schools and recreational programs.  John has been in the forefront of the experiential education movement for 36 years . Halloran is also a recent recipient of the Gulf of Maine Council on the Marine Environment Visionary Award and the 2013 recipient of Newburyport’s Youth Service Annual Asset Award.

Rachel Ameen

Project Coordinator

Rachel Ameen is a native of Newburyport and is an avid nature lover and dog enthusiast. She just graduated from Syracuse University with dual degrees in Political Science and Environment, Sustainability & and Policy. She began working with GOMI as an intern in 2019, and now serves as both Program Coordinator and as a member of the Board of Directors. Rachel will pursue a master’s degree in Marine and Environmental Affairs at the University of Washington, Seattle, this fall, and is excited to expand her environmental work to a new coast.

Pam Morgan

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Much of her work has focused on coastal wetlands, and in particular the small, fringing tidal marshes that line rivers and bays. She also studies freshwater wetlands, including red maple swamps and vernal pools. Learning more about these wetlands and the impacts to them (including climate change) will help us to better

conserve and restore them.

Her other area of scholarship is in environmental education - on developing and assessing programs designed to connect young people with the natural world.

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