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The Need


GOMI, incorporated in 2000 and received 501(c)(3) status in 2006, collaborates with a broad range of partners throughout the bioregion and is organized into three distinct initiatives. 

The Gulf of Maine Watershed is our eco-home. A complex and diverse ecosystem, the watershed includes much of Massachusetts and New Hampshire, all of Maine, and much of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. It is among the richest bioregions on Earth and is home to multitudes of animal and plant species. It is integral to our economy, health, and recreational life, and its diversity is seriously threatened by climate change. The Gulf itself is warming faster than any other comparable body of water on Earth. Related to these bio-indicators are equally important human impact threats. The effects are disturbing and the need for action acute. 


The Challenge


Eighteen years in the forefront of delivering community-based stewardship opportunities to teachers and students has brought us to see a larger challenge: a challenge to educate and engage the bio-community in sustainable stewardship. In this process, GOMI has a vital role to play by:


1. Convening public forums to engage communities in conversations that open windows of awareness.

2. Imparting to our youth the wisdom to understand a healthy watershed requires diversity, and the skills needed to make that happen.

3. Supporting and motivating teachers, as cultural transmitters, to hone their competencies and approaches so they may help their students to meet the challenges.

4. Inviting the scientific community to include teachers and their students as resources to on-going local research and action projects.


Join Us


  1.  Submit an article to GOMI Journal: Learning to Steward the Gulf.

  2.  Engage family and friends in conversation.

  3.  Attending one of our conferences or donating.

  4.  Join or organize a local effort.

  5. Donate.

About Us
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