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Gulf Of Maine Watershed

The Gulf and Its Watershed

The Gulf of Maine and its Watershed is our eco-home. A complex and diverse ecosystem, the watershed includes much of Massachusetts and New Hampshire, all of Maine, and much of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. (See Map) It is among the richest bioregions on Earth and is home to multitudes of animal and plant species. Fin and shellfish industries alone bring billions to the economies of New England and the Maritimes, as do the tourist and recreational trades. It is integral to our economy, health, and recreational life, and it is suffering from climate change.

Our Mission

GOMI’s mission is to educate the larger community and prepare the coming generations to steward wisely. GOMI works closely with teachers, school districts, researchers and youth to:
• Teach the importance of sustaining bio-diversity
• Prepare students to lead as citizen stewards
• Engage the scientific community to partner with us by providing youth and teachers research opportunities and resources
• Create public forums to engage communities in conversations that open windows to awareness and doors to action

Join us by submitting articles to the Journal, engaging family and friends in conversation, attending one of our conferences or donating.

Amplifying Voices
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