Climate Cafe

The GOMI Climate Café awakens and engages collective intelligence through conversations about questions that matter.  The GOMI Café goals are to:

•    Help students develop dialogue skills, e.g. advocacy, empathy, inquiry, deep listening

•    Create opportunities for students to practice these skills in conversations with peers, families, and communities 

•    Prepare GOMI students to become engaged citizens of their community as they act on behalf of the environment


Feedback from Café participants is very supportive. The following are some recent testimonies:


“The GOMI students could not have been more thoughtful in designing their presentation, which was thoroughly effective, and the skillful manner in which they engaged in the ensuing discussions was exemplary.  It was a wonderful opportunity for the students to engage with the larger community on this critical issue.” - A recent host noted.


Other comments: “The students are exceptional; wonderful, so knowledgeable, well-spoken and poised; they give us all hope for the world!”


For our students, Climate Café meetings have generated productive and enthusiastic thinking together. 

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