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Learning to Steward the Gulf

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July 10, 2020

     I throw my clipboard across the surface of the marsh, make sure my phone is secured in a ziplock bag and get a running start. I jump yet another ditch in the marsh. Slowly, we are beginning to understand that the marsh did not always look like it currently does, s...

October 19, 2019

 We are pleased to include below, three additional Gulf of Maine Studies student projects. Gulf of Maines Studies is an experimental course being taught at the University of New England and Kennebunk High School. Our editors selected these projects based on the importa...

October 12, 2019

If you are reading this journal, then it is likely that you are very aware that the Gulf of Maine is facing some serious challenges, and that many of them are a consequence of global warming. The Gulf is warming faster than 99% of the world’s oceans, sea level is risin...

October 12, 2019

The Gulf of Maine is very well known for its lobster industry, but how much longer will this important commerce, as well as many others, be available? The drastic effects of climate change have caused marine species to begin migrating at an alarming rate. As U.S. water...

October 12, 2019


This case study will attempt to elaborate on a gradual decline in blue mussel (Mytilus edulis) populations in the Gulf of

Maine, and describe some potential solutions to the economic and ecological problems this may cause. Blue mussels are a keystone speci...

October 12, 2019


It is the summer of 2018 and the hot months of July and August are rapidly approaching. Throngs of tourists begin to flood the beaches of southern Maine. Nothing is unusual, except for one thing. Beginning in June, there were numerous reports of dead seals...

October 12, 2019

I spent the last week of September kayaking daily through the Great Marsh in Newburyport. The purpose of the trip was to introduce a new crop of seventh graders to a more intimate look at the largest marsh in the Northeast. The first thing I noticed was the change in c...

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