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GOMI Board of Directors, Alumni Affairs 

Eric Kretsch, GOMI Class of 2010

Eric Kretsch works as a Marine Policy Consultant with Lighthouse Consulting Group out of Warren, Rhode Island. Eric is native to Newburyport, graduating from the High School in 2010. While at NHS, Eric was a member of GOMI’s Newburyport Team. He believes that his experiences as a GOMI team member empowered him to engage in the world around him, making a difference everywhere he went. Eric is joining the GOMI Board of Directors, focusing to strengthen the connection between GOMI and its many alumni.

At Lighthouse Consulting, he works primarily with the Association of Marina Industries, a membership organization dedicated to the marina industry. Eric primarily works on clean and resilient marina initiatives, improving marina and boating safety, and workforce development issues. In 2014, he graduated from the University of Rhode Island (URI) with a B.S. in Environmental Economics and Marine Affairs. He then attend URI for graduate school focusing on climate change resilience and the importance of climate champions in successful adaptation.  He received an M.A. Marine Affairs from URI in 2016.

"As a Gulf of Maine Institute Alumni, you know the value of educating coming generations to steward the earth wisely. Think how your experience with GOMI may have changed you. To continue the tradition, the Gulf of Maine Institute is committed to involving our alumni. See how you can get involved with GOMI, we encourage you to participate with pride in the ongoing achievement of GOMI."

-Eric Kretsch, GOMI Class of 2010


If you are a GOMI alum and are interested in connecting with fellow alum and becoming more actively involved with GOMI please click the button below.

Meet the Alumni:

Dominic Noce

Dominic Noce is a first year student at the University of Montana, and has chosen to major in wildlife biology.  As a high school student Dom was an active member of the Gulf of Maine Institute’s Newburyport, MA team.  During his senior year, Dom tapped into GOMI’s partnership with the Parker River Wildlife Refuge in Newburyport, MA, and submitted an internship project to study the refuge’s coyote population to Bill Peterson, Refuge Manager.  Bill agreed to engage Dom in a study of the Refuge’s coyote population.  The study of large predators is Dom’s passion, so this internship was a windfall for him. The article is a direct result of his involvement in that study.


Kelly Conway

Kelly is an undergraduate senior at Columbia University where she is studying earth and environmental engineering. Kelly recently committed to UC Berkeley for a PhD program in civil and environmental engineering and will begin in August. She plans to research desalination technologies with a focus on the energy-water nexus. During her time at Newburyport High School, she was the Newburyport GOMI team lead for the monitoring of marine invasive species and an active participant in water quality testing projects, pepperweed pulls, and community and youth outreach events. She was the primary author of the 2012 GOMI Marine Invasive Species report and a major contributor to the 2012 GOMI Water Quality report. During her senior year of high school, Kelly was selected to be a Henry David Thoreau Scholar for her demonstration of environmental dedication and leadership. Her experience with environmental conservation and stewardship as a member of GOMI led her to pursue environmental engineering studies in college, specifically in the field of the water-energy nexus: the intersection of water resources, energy resources, and sustainability principles.


At Columbia, Kelly joined a laboratory group conducting research on technologies for the water-energy-environment nexus. Her research has focused on developing desalination technologies, including the study of novel nanofiltration membranes for reverse osmosis desalination. Kelly also spent a summer in Newburyport working as an intern in GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc.’s office on a variety of environmental engineering projects around the North Shore. In November 2016, she was inducted to the New York Alpha chapter of Tau Beta Pi, a national engineering honor society. She plans to pursue further graduate study in the field of water treatment processes following her graduation from Columbia in May 2018. In her free time, Kelly enjoys distance running, hiking, playing with her intramural basketball team, and exploring new restaurants and attractions in New York City.

Lauren Healey

Lauren is a junior at the University of Massachusetts Amherst where she majors in natural resources conservation. She is a GOMI alumnus and attended GOMI summer Workshops in both Canada and the United States. She is currently pursuing her biggest passion, vegetated/green rooftops, through an internship at Apex green roofs. She also engages in green roof research and outreach work at UMASS. Upon graduating she will work in the field or pursue graduate school as a wildlife biologist.  She is not yet sure of the order. 

Jake Shactman

Jake is a senior civil & environmental engineering student at University of Massachusetts Amherst with a focus on water resource engineering. He has both research and professional experience in sustainable engineering, coastal resiliency, stormwater management, dam removal, and ecological restoration. Recently, Jake has served as a sustainable engineering intern at Shoal's Marine Laboratory and as an ecological construction intern for SumCo Eco-Contracting. Since high school, he has also spent summers working for the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and Cammett Engineering. As a member of GOMI throughout high school, Jake worked on a variety of projects including water quality on the Merrimack River, river herring fish passage on the Parker River, and coastal resiliency/restoration in the Great Marsh. Exposure to these projects was instrumental to Jake's interest in the field environmental engineering.

Dan Earle

Past Maritime Region GOMI coordinator back it the regional "team" era. Plenty of "degrees" and environmental action activity.

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